13. Balances Plugin


13.1. Introduction to Balances Plugin

This plugin is for integrating external laboratory balances into the software. The following devices are currently supported:


Supported Devices


Entris, ED-, GK- and GW-scales

13.2. Configuration of Sartorius Scales

In order for the scale to work optimally with the software, please set the following parameters on the device:

13.2.1. Device / RS232 Menu

In the DEVICE / RS232 menu, activate the following values marked in red:


13.2.2. Device / USB Menu

In the DEVICE / USB menu, activate the following values marked in red:


13.2.3. DATA.OUT. / COM. SBI Menu

In the DATA.OUT. / COM. SBI menu, activate the following values marked in red:


13.3. Adding a scale to a CETONI Elements device configuration

In the Device Configurator, simply add a scale to the current device configuration using drag & drop or double-click . Then save the device configuration and activate it by clicking the Activate Configuration button .


13.4. Operation

13.4.1. Display / Read the values

For each balance that has been added to the device configuration, an analogue input channel is displayed in the list of I/O channels. In the picture below, this is the Sartorius Balance 1 channel.


This analogue channel shows the current value measured by the scale in the Value column. Like any other analogue channel, this channel can be added in the graphical logger or CSV logger or read in the script.

13.4.2. Tare balance

To tare the balance, right-click on the channel and then select Tare balance from the context menu.


The taring of the scale can also be carried out in a script. To do this, add the script function Device Functions –> Write Device Property to the script. Configure this function so that the value 1 is written to the property Tare of the scale channel (see figure below).